Connected Giving | November 2018 edition

Examples of great partnerships & evaluating program funding

Welcome to Connected Giving, Australian Executor Trustees monthly update on current trends and news in philanthropy. 2018 has been a busy year, with many sector developments and some great examples of individual philanthropy. In this update, we’re delighted to share some recent examples of great partnerships from Australia and overseas and interesting insights from Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s (which has committed to spending down it’s $1 billion corpus over the next decade) approach to program evaluation. 
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Bequest manager and scholar study tour of UK best practice fundraising

Bequest manager for the Heart Foundation SA travelled to experience the UK’s excellent legacy fundraising work first hand. Understanding the best practice by learning from leading organisations is a valuable learning experience, and engagement with other charities abroad is key to further developments here in Australia. Important takeaways from the experience were the importance of marketing, the significance of the bequestor to an organisation’s program, and creating a gifts in wills culture. Read the full article (6 minutes).

Australia’s largest social impact bond focuses on housing young people

The COMPASS program, developed by Anglicare Victoria and VincentCare, focuses on 16-18 year olds leaving out-of-home care by connecting them with education, training, and job opportunities. The program will start late November and has collected more than $14.2 million AUD from investors. The program will provide $6 million of stable housing for care leaversRead the full article (3 minutes).

Integrating philanthropy into your advisory proposition

Last month, we got the opportunity to catch up with Ben Clark, Head of Philanthropy for AET and asked him “How can philanthropy can make a difference to financial advice practices and their clients”. Watch the video to find out moreWatch Video (2 minutes).

Kickstarting indigenous businesses to achieve success

A partnership between an Indigenous business program (Indigenous Business Australia) and a not-for-profit incubator (The Difference Incubator) aims to help Indigenous entrepreneurs take their business ideas further, and also to help them make a social difference. This program combines formal business training, practical skills, and mentorships for all participants. Applications for the accelerator program close at the end of November. Read the full article (3 minutes).

The evaluation goal - making a foundation program work better over time

A new Center for Effective Philanthropy report highlights difficulties foundations face in understanding what does and does not work programmatically. The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation team has learnt a lot from its now limited-life strategy. The team at the Foundation discuss the most valuable goal of evaluation, that is to discover how to make a program work better over time. Read the full article (3 minutes).

Bloomberg launches new support model for small arts nonprofits

Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Philanthropies is donating over $43 million USD to 200 small and mid-sized arts nonprofits through its Arts Innovation and Management Program (AIM). The impact of small to mid-sized arts organisations has been underrated, with investments in these areas potentially generating significant cross-sector economic and social benefits. Read the full article (5 minutes)

Emotions, economics & lessons from a ‘raise or bust’ crowdfunding campaign

Grameen Australia was well prepared and started with identifying the crowdfunding mistakes many organisations make; lack of clarity, failure to convey credibility, failure to connect with the target community, failure to use the right communication channels and lack of courage. Read about the top 4 strategies that worked for them in practice. Read the full article (5 minutes)
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